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Natalia Patiño (she/her) is a Colombian-American actress, singer, writer, and digital content creator born in Miami, Florida. 

From graduating an award-winning thespian from "Miami's Mega Magnet" Coral Reef, to studying improv at The Groundlings Theatre & School in Los Angeles, she is always honing her craft. She earned her Master of Science degree in Mass Communications, specializing in multimedia production and all things social media. While earning her degree, she won the Jury Award at Campus Movie Festival for her short film, "Violets Are Blue" which she wrote, directed, composed, and starred in.

Her experiences encompass her passions in the Arts & Entertainment Media Industry. She has acted in regional theatre (Havana Music Hall, Heathers), television (I am Frankie, Vikki RPM), film (Puffing Iron), modeled for print (ImPress Manicure), and managed social media for major brands (LaCroix Water). Her sacred space is her bedroom where she writes funny songs, draws (@natipcreates), meditates, and watches 90s rom-coms. Her happy places are onset, onstage, or on her phone creating fun content.

As a creative storyteller, her mission is entertaining, elevating, and connecting audiences intending on spreading more empathy and compassion among people.

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